5 Important Digital Marketing Campaign KPI’s You’ve Got to Track

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

Are you achieving your strategic goals when it comes to growing your business through your online campaign? What should you actually be monitoring and what numbers and results should you really be keeping an eye on? Here are some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you’ve simply got to be keeping track of!


Website engagement

You may feel proud of your company website and pretty content that looks great, but although the ‘face’ of your brand is crucial, it’s no good having a super smart looking website that few people are visiting. What you need to be doing is looking at KPIs that measure how your website is working. Use an application like Google Analytics to check website traffic and unique impressions: if the numbers are low, you’ll need to increase brand visibility. It’s also crucial to check how many people are return visitors. If they find your information valuable, and begin to feel like they are part of a community, they will keep coming back for more! Be sure to update your info regularly and always stay one step ahead of the game. Also be sure to check how long they stay on the site (is your content interesting enough?) and which pages are most popular so you can place more emphasis on the things that are drawing attention and rousing interest.


Website conversion rates

This is where your landing pages need to reign supreme, with great content and CTAs (Call to Action’s) to encourage lead conversion. If your conversion rates are low, you’ll need to revisit the page and find better ways to connect with your audience. A/B testing is crucial as it will give you the chance to analyse and optimise your landing pages according to what seems to work best.


Social media reach & engagement

These days, your company’s presence on social media matters more than ever, with a huge impact on brand awareness and your inbound marketing strategy. And although you may be sharing pictures or content that you believe to be great, you actually have to measure engagement levels and see how effective your social media marketing actually is. Beyond examining how many likes, comments and shares your posts receive (which is of course very important), you also need to be looking at the mentions your brand receives across social media, how consistent the engagement is and how these actions help grow your brand or sell your product/service.


Performance of your digital advertising

When running your online advertising campaigns, there are three main objectives at hand: brand awareness, engagement and conversions. While increasing brand awareness is great, engagement is especially important as you measure how many people are actually interacting with the ad. And this is where you’ll need to be looking at the CTR (Click Through Rate); measuring the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it. Then when it comes to conversions – which could mean anything from sales to newsletter sign ups and filling in contact forms – you’ll need to really be looking into CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) in order to analyze if your digital advertising campaigns are bearing fruit.


Measuring organic traffic

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of how many people land on your site organically. This means, they will be coming to your site as a result of unpaid search results and involves good work on your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and brand awareness. Look into the number of conversions assisted by organic search and measure how much traffic is associated with specific branded keywords.   Measuring and analyzing multiple KPI’s can be a very intricate and time consuming process. At Action Digital, we have a team of enthusiastic data crunchers ready to extract data that can be used to ultimately improve your targets. Contact us today for a consultation.

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