5 Super Fun Ways to Get People Interacting with your Facebook posts

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

If you’re focusing on the number of likes that your Facebook business page is getting, it’s probably time to shift your attention onto a bigger beast: ENGAGEMENT! Because although page likes are certainly important, engagement is a whole different ball game. How so? Let’s put this as simply as possible. With millions of business pages on Facebook today, the social networking platform uses an algorithm (known as EdgeRank) to help users see what matters to them the most. Just because your business page has an ‘X’ number of followers or fans, it doesn’t mean that your followers will actually see all of your updates. But the moment someone interacts with one of your posts, Facebook will ensure that your business updates become more prominent in their newsfeed. The more people engage with your brand (note that comments have more weight than likes), the more updates they’ll see pop up. The good news is that increasing engagement can actually be fun and it doesn’t really need to cost much at all. Here are some super easy fun ways to get people liking, commenting and sharing your posts. Even if you think that they are passé, they actually really work. And when you’re first starting out with these techniques, give them a small boost, and soon enough, you should reap the benefits.


Get creative with social games

There are countless examples of fun little games to help generate engagement that you can try, like the ‘caption this’ challenge. Just share a photo of something you love or feel that somehow relates to your brand and ask your fans to add their own caption with their thoughts in the comments. You’ll immediately create opportunities for engagement and chances are, followers will remember your brand because they’ve interacted with you. ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ posts are another fun way to get people commenting. Not just about having fun, it’s really important to keep your games somehow related to your business as a whole, even if they’re not directly related to your specific brand, they should at least be industry related.


Ask simple questions

Sound too easy to be true? Fact of the matter is, people love to be asked their opinion and it’s one of the simplest things to do. Just keep your questions short and light-hearted. Give them a multiple choice or share a picture with A, B, C, D photo squares asking them to pick their favourite. If you share regular blog posts relating to your business or industry, ask your followers what they’d like to read next or find out more about. ‘This vs. That’ posts (accompanied by related images or graphics) are also usually super effective as you’re making it easy and giving your followers a choice between two options.


Share motivational quotes and trivia

Quotes usually work like a charm to capture people’s attention. Share something inspiring and motivating and the moment that someone relates to it, they are going to hit that like button, comment on it, or share it with their friends. Sharing interesting trivia and ‘did you know?’ posts is also a great way of strengthening your connection with your followers, and giving them insight into unusual facts. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your company and products as that could be a little boring, but do share trivia on unusual industry news or other little known facts that they would then want to share with their friends.


 “Tag your friend” posts

Sharing a picture and generating likes is one thing, but the moment that you tap into sentiments, you’ll automatically get people commenting. Share a photo and ask them to ‘tag a friend’ that they are reminded of, or that they think will like what you’ve just shared. Don’t overdo it, or it will become tiring and predictable, but do it once every few weeks and you should see engagement increase.


Generate interest with competitions

Most people love a good competition and if you want to fuel engagement, you’ve got to get people commenting and being part of a ‘conversation’. And if they share your competition, even better! Make sure that there’s a very clear call to action, like ‘comment and win’ and make it clear what prize you’re giving away. If done cleverly, you’ll encourage your followers to build a relationship with you as you increase brand loyalty!   Grow your social media following the right way! Action Digital can help you find the correct strategy that represents your company and your company’s tone of voice. Contact us for a full Social Media Strategy.

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