6 + 1 Surefire Ways to Increase your Followers & Engagement on Facebook

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

Want to increase your likes, reach and Facebook impressions but not quite sure how to go about it? Setting up a Facebook page for your business is easy, but actually getting as many people as possible to respond to you is a lot harder. Far more than just posting regularly, it’s all about what you’re posting and how you are posting it. Don’t forget that people these days are continually bombarded with content and daily online ads. So how, exactly, do you grab their attention in a world saturated with a never-ending stream of content? Here are some handy tips by Action Digital.


1. Work up a buzz with competitions

Anyone scrolling Facebook who sees that there’s a competition running with a chance to win a great prize, is more than likely to get excited and want to click to find out more. If you create a competition which you boost on Facebook and then links back to your page, people are likely to also like the page once they land on it! But more than that, they will hopefully engage with your brand. If done cleverly, the competition will give them a chance to familiarise themselves with what your company/brand is all about, encouraging them to build a relationship with you. And if the fans taking part in the competition are already loyal followers, the chance to win a great prize will always be welcome; they are likely to become more loyal and you can encourage all those taking part to share the competition with their friends! And take note, Facebook apps are a great way to run a contest and are ideal for directing users straight to the contest page with entry info and more. And the competition will have its own URL, meaning it can be shared anywhere you please.


2. Use coupons to promote discounts

Some people may think that coupons are a little old fashioned, but the fact is, they work! People love discounts just as much as they love prizes. Entice someone with a ten per cent discount on your service/product and make sure that they need to take some sort of action to access them, such as their email. Emails for example can then be used for newsletters and remarketing.


3. Don’t forget about a great Call to Action

Sharing a cool and creative post is one thing, but what would you like people to do with it? Your audience needs to know what to respond to. A simple: ‘like this if you agree!’ or ‘tag a friend who will like this’ or ‘share to spread the news’ will immediately encourage engagement, and eventually, increase followers as your content is shared far and wide.


4. Be a creative storyteller with videos

Facebook videos are a great way to increase engagement as people love to watch moving images. And video content has really kicked off over the past few years, with Facebook putting time and effort into its own native video platform. Facebook favours direct video uploads over videos embedded from YouTube and you can usually get far more shares via videos than any other Facebook content.


5. Give your posts a boost

Organic reach is great, but let’s be realistic, advertising helps in most situations. And when it comes to social media, things are far easier and less costly than traditional advertising. Improving your reach and engagement potential, you can really hone in on your target audience through a boosted post, with payment depending on how many people you want to reach and the number of impressions the post receives over time.


6. Use realistic photos and catchy visuals

Yes, forget stock photography; get out there and take your own company snaps or get a professional photographer to take images that reflect and boost your company image. Photos are also a great way to provide insight into your company or brand, with a behind the scenes glimpse of the staff doing something fun. Remember, it’s key to share images of real people, and don’t just focus on images of your product or service as this will get boring. A graphic designer can also help create catchy visuals which include bright flat colours, simple geometrical shapes and minimal text.


7. Provide great insights and carefully crafted content

Although good photos will always grab attention, you certainly can’t forget about content, because that’s what’s going to divert traffic to your website. The best thing that you can possibly do is to get hold of a professional writer to create carefully crafted blogs that will encourage the audience to click on the link and really take an interest in what you have to say. They DO NOT just want to hear about your company news – they want to read unique insights and find out about trends they may not be aware of. Whatever industry your company is part of, be that food, travel, retail or anything else, you need to give people something interesting to read about, whether it’s about a new fad or major industry news.   Action Digital develops and designs custom Facebook applications and games tailor made for your company. Through proper targeting and advertising, applications can gain up to 50% more traffic and engagement for your website and Facebook page. Contact us and request a proposal!

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