6 Simple Ways to Keep your Followers Happy via Social Media

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

Your relationship with your customers and followers on social media is like any other relationship – you need to invest in it and take the time and effort to ensure that you’re doing things to make that person happy! You’ve got to speak up on your digital platforms, you’ve got communicate with your followers in the best possible fashion as you would with anyone. After all, if you neglect them, chances are, they will do the same with you. And yes, social media, really is about being social! So how, exactly, can you keep things interesting and keep the spark alive? Action Digital offers some sound advice.


1. Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge

Perhaps you’ve received a message with an unusual request from a follower? Or maybe you’ve been sent a negative comment about one of your products or services? You don’t have to shy away from it – it’s far better to take the time to answer politely, acknowledge concerns, listen and respond to complaints, and generally, be there to offer any help you possibly can. And if you receive a great review, saying ‘thank you’ goes a very long way and will make your customers feel appreciated.


2. Have a good conversation

If you’ve captured the attention of a significant audience on social media, then be sure to ask them for their input. The fact of the matter is, everyone likes to feel that their opinion counts. And no matter what your product or services are, asking for opinions, shows that you really care about what your followers think. So if you’re launching a new product, ask for their suggestions. If you want to give them something really interesting to read in a new blog post, ask your followers what they may like to learn more about or ask them to click ‘like’ if they find a picture you share interesting. They’ve got to feel that their opinion is generally valued to stay loyal to your brand.


3. Remember, authenticity goes a long way

Always stay true to what your brand and service represents and reach out to your followers in your posts in the friendliest fashion. Apply the same tone of voice across all your platforms in order to give all your followers something consistent to identify with.


4. Don’t forget special occasions

If you’ve asked for customer details when they’ve logged into your site, signed up for your loyalty club, or ordered something from you, then do be sure to make use of these details at the right time to really show that you care. Send them a discount on the anniversary of the day they first signed up and send them an e-card when it’s their birthday via an automated email platform. Small gestures like this will ensure they don’t just forget about you and it’s bound to put a smile on their face.


5. Keep things interesting

Most of us already know that good content is absolutely crucial to keeping followers happy, and that there’s not much reason for a social media account without consistently posting content. But you’ve got to be certain that your target audience really finds what you’re sharing interesting! Make sure you’ve got a brilliant content marketing strategy in place and make doubly sure that you share news that’s relevant to your industry. Videos are very effective these days, blog posts and pictures can also do the trick – as long as they grab the attention of those people you care about. And don’t forget that variety really is the spice of life, so be innovative and creative.


6. Share your happiness

Ok, this may sound a little strange, but there’s logic behind it. If you show that your company knows the meaning of having a laugh and having fun, then sharing moment of joy on social will create a connection with your followers who’ll gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Make them smile, let them get to know you more and make your company memorable – it’s going to make your followers want to keep checking for more!   Action Digital can help you create a response system and strategy for your social media. If this is not enough and you believe that your company needs automated responses through Facebook’s message bot, Action Digital can program this for you. Contact us now and let us help you with your social media response strategy!

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