Seven tips for successful email marketing

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Written by: Action Digital

In the ever-growing world of Strategic Marketing, email marketing still plays an effective and significant role in creating leads and customers for your business. A number of reliable surveys reveal that emails are still far more effective than other alternatives. More than 50% of businesses choose to invest in email marketing because of the proven results. There are more challenges for email marketers these days. The inbox is constantly changing and it is crucial to keep updated with the latest trends. To make full use of email marketing for your business, here are seven tips:

  • Create an attractive landing page that is customised to your consumers needs. This will significantly increase interest in your business. Keep it simple, and offer a unique benefit to engage your customers’ interest.
  • Due to the rapid increase in smartphone use by consumers, it is vital that the emails’ visuals are responsive across each major device.
  • In order for your email to make an impact on your reader, it should have a more personal and friendly tone. Every email you send out should be personalised for that individual’s interests.
  • The email text should be concise and simplified with an emphasis on attractive visuals.
  • Use promotional codes to attract customers to buy or follow up with an offer.
  • Understand the needs of that consumer and make your content valuable to them.
  • Collect email subscriptions via a pop-up or pop-under banner on your website.

Your business can gain new customers and keep in touch with old ones, just remember to know your user profile and what they want. Keep your email communications relevant and customised, and your business will flourish. Action Digital can help your email marketing in many ways, why not contact us today to find out how we can improve outreach and increase subscribers right from your website.

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