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Update – 03/03/2020

  • It was announced on Monday night that five people who were tested for the coronavirus, including an Asian man who was in quarantine, have tested negative for it. Currently, checks at the airports under the control of the Republic of Cyprus take place on people who are travelling from the Korean Republic, Iran, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. No checks are said to be taking place on people coming from areas with low numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases. The epidemiological monitoring unit of the Health Ministry said that the coronavirus checks have now been expanded to apply to all those who have visited areas of Italy north of Pisa, Rimini and Florence in the past 14 days. Those who have travelled to northern Italy in the past 14 days are encouraged to self-isolate.
  • On the morning of 29 February, the Republic of Cyprus closed four crossing points leading to the non-government controlled areas, claiming that it is a means of precaution against the spread of the COVID-19. The measure was announced as a temporary one, that was about to last seven days. In statements on 3 March however, Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, hinted that the closure could remain in place as long as the checks in the airports continue. This is yet to be determined. The government claims to have decided to focus its resources needed to tackle the spread of the virus to the crossing points that remain open. The government is said to be making checks on the crossing points, similar to the ones at the airports, but a number of people have already noted that these checks are sparsely taking place. The effectiveness of such tests and measures remains challenged. Meanwhile, the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Health, comprised of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, that was not notified of the government’s decision, will meet on Tuesday, 3 March, to discuss the island’s measures against the spread of the coronavirus. At the time being, no confirmed case has been reported in the northern part of the island or in neighbouring Turkey.
  • Information on the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 is available on the Press and Information Office dedicated website

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