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Update – 05/03/2020

  • The Republic of Cyprus ministers’ council (cabinet) decided to extend the closure of four out of nine crossing points leading to the non-government controlled areas until Monday. The minister of health, defended the decision, insisting that no political motives exist behind the decision. The issue will remain under consideration and will be re-examined on Monday. At the same time, there are continuous complaints by people who note that the issue is merely a pretext, highlighting that no checks are in fact taking place on the coronavirus in the crossing points. Meanwhile, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), issued a statement noting that while it supports all effective measures to address any potential public health emergency, it is imperative for the two sides to coordinate closely in order to provide a comprehensive response. In this respect, the role of the bi-communal Technical Committee on Health is critical and should be utilized to the fullest, their statement read. It remains unclear the extent to which the Republic of Cyprus government will proceed with enhancing the committee’s work but the government has already condemned UNFICYP’s statement, noting that it is not their responsibility to comment on health issues on the island.
  • The Minister of Health, Constantinos Ioannou also revealed on Thursday that fifty suspected cases of coronavirus have been tested, even though only eight were publicly revealed. The government continues to assess the situation. At the same time, despite the fact that ten coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Greece, no measure is taken relating to people travelling to and from the country.
  • Information on the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 is available on the Press and Information Office dedicated website

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