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Update – 07/05/2020

  • Six people have tested positive for Coronavirus after 1774 diagnostic tests the Health Ministry said on Thursday. This brings the total number to 889 (including 10 in the British Bases). Dr Leontios Kostrikis said the results were in line with the team of scientists expectations regarding the epidemiological picture. For his part, Dr Marios Loizou highlighted the importance of individual responsibility as measures are eased and people gradually come into more contact.
  • The Council of Ministers on Thursday approved a revised bill to pump much needed liquidity into the economy with €1.5 b in state backed loans for companies reeling from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy. It was one of several decisions taken on Thursday to support the economy and  businesses. The new bill provides for:
    • €300 m in guarantees for loans to very small companies
    • €1 b for medium and large companies
    • €200 m for very large companies
    • The loans will be given by the banks and will have a duration of three months to six years.
    • For very small companies, the guarantee will be covered 85% by the state and 15% by the banks and for medium sized and large companies 70% by the state and 30% by banks.
  • The bill is subject to the approval of the House of Representatives. “We anticipate that the total liquidity that will be pumped into the economy as a result will be close to €6 billion,” he said.
  • The Council of Ministers on Thursday approved a new support package for small businesses that have suspended their operations completely or in part during the coronavirus outbreak. Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides said that cabinet had approved three bills:
    • for small companies with up to 10 employees that totally suspended operations until May 4, the subsidy is €2625. For companies that suspended their operations totally even after May 4, the subsidy is €3500.
    • for small companies which partially suspended their operations until May 4, €1875 and for partial suspension after May 4 €2500.
    • as regards self-employed whose work has been affected, up until May 4, the sum is €1150 and for those after May 4 €1500.
  • The bills are subject to the approval of the House of Representatives and the European Commission.
  • Cyprus police have reported 74 pedestrians and drivers between 1800 hours on Sunday and 0600 hours on Wednesday local time out of a total of 2,860 spot checks across the island, for violations of restrictive measures in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, during Wednesday between 0600 hours and 1800 police reported 56 pedestrians and drivers out of 7,058 spot checks across the island. Police did not report any violations out of 490 spot checks in various premises throughout the evening.  During the course of the day yesterday out of 1,890 spot checks police reported 6 violations of restrictive measures.
  • Cyprus ranks 12th in the world in Coronavirus testing, according to the latest update by demographic data provider Worldometer. Quoting an Agence France-Presse article that makes reference to Cyprus’ high global ranking in testing and low number of deaths on a European level, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou commented on the results on Thursday via Twitter saying that “discipline as regards the measures is what led to current results with our country recording a low number of deaths and cases and takes up a top 10 space in global rankings for testing.” See below the latest ranking of countries globally by order of most tests conducted per 1 million population as published on Worldometer. The table presents the top 12 countries. For the full list click here (use the descending/ascending button for each column to view numbers in order).
  • A second woman with coronavirus has given birth at Makarios Hospital and both mother and baby are doing well. It said that this is the second time that Makarios Hospital had activated protocols and proceeded with a C-section on a woman who had tested positive for coronavirus. The baby boy was born on Sunday. The woman was referred to Makarios Hospital from her private clinic because she had tested positive for coronavirus. Both mother and baby are doing well but have been separated in line with protocols. The baby has tested negative for coronavirus and new tests will be carried out on the mother in a few days. Agathoclis Christofides, head of the gynaecological clinic at the hospital said that this was the second birth to a coronavirus-positive mother at the hospital.

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