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Update – 07/06/2020

  • Four people tested positive for coronavirus after 2,364 tests, the Health Ministry said on Sunday. The four new cases — three from repatriations and one from tracing of confirmed cases — brings the total to 964.
  • Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou and Justice Minister Yiorgos Savvides have expressed concern over non-compliance with distancing rules at venues after a video was posted online and picked up by the media. “Such images are concerning. The strategy for lifting restrictions is based on the responsible behaviour of citizens and not just policing and the imposition of strict penalties which are pending in parliament. Regrettably with such behaviour, relapsing will be unavoidable, ” he said. Added Savvides: “Images of unbelievable irresponsibility last night. It is essential for penalties to become tougher with the ability to suspend operation of businesses when the respect of the sacrifices of all of us and the need to protect public health are sacrificed at the alter of money.”
  • Police are ready for the opening of crossing points when instructions are given to do so, said Police Spokesman Christos Andreou. He told CNΑ that police members who were transferred from the crossing points when they closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and Health Ministry decrees, are ready to return to their posts and operate in the same conditions. Police are ready to staff the crossing points and begin registering those who enter the free areas and those who cross to the occupied areas, he said. Government Spokesman Kyriakos Koushos said on Friday the Government is ready to operate the crossing points from Monday.

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