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Update – 08/06/2020

  • Another six people have tested positive for coronavirus in Cyprus from a total of 799 tests, the Health Ministry said on Monday — a day before the reopening of Cyprus’ airports and the further easing of restrictions. All six are repatriations; five tested positive on arrival and the sixth was negative on arrival but carried out a second test after remaining in isolation. The six new cases brings the total of cases in Cyprus to 970.
  • Flights are set to resume as of Tuesday at the two international airports of Cyprus, Larnaca and Paphos. The airports suspended operations due to strict COVID-19 measures and only a small number of flights were allowed mostly to evacuate stranded citizens abroad or to transfer medication and other supplies to fight coronavirus. Five arrivals and five departures will take place at Larnaca airport tomorrow. The first plane will take off from Larnaca airport on Tuesday morning for Athens. The same day at around noon, an Aegean flight will land from the Greek capital. Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos is set to visit the airport to welcome the first arrivals. On the same day flights are programmed from and to Tel Aviv, Sofia and Athens. The airports’ authorities have urged people to follow all  the strict self protection measures against COVID-19 and to carry all necessary certificates.
  • Turkish Cypriots living in the north and working in the Republic said they were running out of patience as the ‘government’ of the north stayed mum over when crossings would be able to resume. Monday marks the date that was agreed between President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci whereby crossings for certain groups of people would be allowed to resume. ‘Authorities’ in the north have yet to make a final decision on the matter, despite reiterating their wish to allow crossings to resume. They said their hesitancy stems from ongoing assessments over the health and safety implications in resuming crossings. Government spokesman Kyriacos Kousios said the north was trying to exploit the matter politically, ahead of ‘presidential’ elections slated for October.
  • Police booked 191 drivers for speeding on Sunday as part of an ongoing campaign to combat delinquency and prevent traffic accidents. They said that during the operation, they had reported a total of 240 traffic offences, of which 191 were for speeding. In addition, police impounded two cars and five high powered motorbikes which had mechanical modifications as well as a moped. Police said campaigns will continue.

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