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Update – 30/05/2020

corona virus
  • Health authorities on Saturday announced one new case of coronavirus, bringing the total to 943. The positive case was among 115 samples collected from the contacts of a previously confirmed case. In total, authorities conducted 2,061 with just the one positive.
  • The Cyprus General Government generated a deficit of €73 million or 0.4% for the period of January – April 2020, reflecting the adverse consequences of the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown measures to curb the spread of the disease. According to preliminary data published by the Cyprus Statistical Service, total expenditure for the four months of 2020 rose by €117.1 mn or 4.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2019 and amounted to €2,606.5 mn. Social benefits increased by €46.2 mn or 5.6% to €869.7 mn from €823.5 mn in the corresponding period of last year. Compensation of employees (including imputed social contributions and pensions of civil servants) increased by €45.4 mn or by an annual 5.7% to €848.1 mn (from €802,7 mn in the corresponding period of 2019). Subsidies increased by €61.4 mn and amounted to €76.2 mn (from €14.8 mn in the corresponding period of 2019). The increase in the specific category is partly attributed to the support measures to enterprises due to the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, Cystat said. Current transfers increased by €32,8 mn or 17.7% and amounted to €218.1 mn from €185.3 mn for the period of January-April 2019. Total revenue declined by 5.9% or €157.5 mn to €2,533.8 mn during the period of January-April 2020 from €2,691.3 mn during the corresponding period of 2019.

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