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Update – 01/04/2020

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 1,314 at the moment. 49 people have died and 6 more people have recovered. 85 cases have been reported as severe.


  • Extra measures were taken by the government for five municipalities in northern Greece. The municipal area of Mesopotamia in Kastoria, Orestida, Nestorio, Xanthi and Myki were placed in lockdown as of Tuesday, March 31. Residents were advised to collect supplies for 14 days, as the strict curfew began at 8 p.m. and will end at the same time on April 14. They are forbidden from leaving home to assist others (the town will depend on the Help at Home program) and will only be allowed to walk their pets around their home.
  • Military doctors will be sent to staff the hospitals of Kastoria and Xanthi in addition to more nurses, as well as other health centers, while additional EKAV ambulance services will be provided, the minister said.
  • The government has extended measures banning all services at churches and other places of worship until April 11. The new date is just a week ahead of the Greek Orthodox Easter. Religious Affairs Minister, however, left open the possibility for services to take place without a congregation.


  • The Finance Ministry has issued clarifications about the suspension of corporations’ tax and social security obligations and the compensation for workers and freelance professionals. The majority of enterprises – those included in the list of the ministry based on their activity code numbers (KAD) – will see their tax and social security obligations suspended, while those that choose to pay their dues normally will get a 25% discount, although this does not concern value-added tax payments.
  • There is also a provision for companies shuttered by government decision to have their rent for March reduced by 40%, while their landlords will be able to pay their dues to the tax offices by the end of August instead of end-March.
  • The government’s support measures will also benefit corporations active in the sectors of industry, wholesale commerce and insurance, as well as stockbrokers and auditing companies, starting from April. However, while these companies will have their tax obligations suspended, there is no provision for the suspension of their social security obligations. A necessary condition for the inclusion of enterprises in the protection framework is the maintenance of the jobs of all their workers.
  • Fuel stations and companies in the energy sector, waste management and infrastructure projects will see no suspension of tax obligations, but they will be allowed to pay the Easter bonus to their employees by the end of June.

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