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Update – 03/04/2020

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 1,514 at the moment. 53 people have died and 9 people have recovered. 91 cases have been reported as severe.

Of the new 99 new cases of coronavirus announced yesterday, 23 are residents at the Ritsona refugee camp, north of Athens, and 49 people on a passenger ferry currently anchored off Piraeus.


  • In a bid to further bolster their response to the coronavirus epidemic, health authorities are preparing a register of patients who have contracted the virus which is to include all the cases that have been recorded nationwide, the treatment that they were given and the progress of their health. The register will also include people with mild symptoms who have not been hospitalized but are in quarantine at home and whose health is being monitored by doctors remotely.
  • Health centers have already been set up for patients with mild symptoms of the virus who do not need hospitalization. As for the provision of medicines to patients who are not in hospital, this will only be done on the basis of prescriptions from doctors following their individual assessment of each patient.

EDUCATION Education Minister left open the possibility of schools – which were closed on March 10 to curb the spread of the coronavirus – reopening in mid-May rather than immediately after the Easter holidays. Niki Kerameus told Skai the government would make a decision on whether to open schools after the Orthodox Easter holidays, on Monday, April 27, based on the advice of medical experts and depending on the evolution of the virus.

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