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Update – 06/08/2020

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities yesterday, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 4,973. The number of new Covid-19 infections reported in Greece hit a fresh high on Wednesday at 124 after Tuesday’s 121. The toll inched up to 210 following the death of a patient. The number of patients treated in intensive care units stands at 13, while 129 patients have exited the intensive care unit.

Amid an upward trend in coronavirus infections, Greek health authorities are focusing their efforts on bringing the R number, signifying the rate of transmission, below 1. Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said August would be a crucial month for the evolution of the virus and called on all citizens to show a responsible stance, making a particular appeal to the young to be sensible and consider others.

Concerned about a new spike in coronavirus infections in Greece, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned on Wednesday that complacency is not an option if the number of new infections is to remain low in the country. Speaking at the start of a regular teleconference on the developments concerning the pandemic, he said the recent “significant rise” in new cases is different from the one observed at the start of the pandemic. “The increase in new cases is mainly due to a relaxation of the compliance measures within our country in July. And in that I believe we all have a responsibility for this. Only 10 percent of cases are imported; most cases at the moment are domestic,” he said.

Of the 124 new cases, just 15 were located at airports and border crossings and another 9 concerned travelers who presented themselves for testing. Athens and the northern port of Thessaloniki held the lion’s share of Wednesday’s new cases at 22 each, but another 16 areas were also affected, indicating that the virus us spreading to more parts of the country. Evros was hit hard with 18 cases, all of which have been linked to a recent wedding in the town of Alexandroupoli.

2 cases in Rhodes and 5 out of 6 in the region of Magnesia have also been linked to big wedding parties, while 8 cases in Kavala have been traced to an outbreak at a meat packing firm and 6 of 8 cases in Larissa to medics at the city’s general hospital, which treats coronavirus patients.

Regarding the rest of yesterday’s cases:

  • 1 case was detected in Arcadia
  • 1 case was detected in Drama
  • 2 cases was detected in Achaia
  • 1 case was detected in Imathia
  • 1 case was detected in Pieria
  • 1 case was detected in Kastoria
  • 1 case was detected in Kerkyra
  • 2 cases were detected in Kozani
  • 1 case was detected in Cyclades
  • 1 case was detected in Pella
  • 2 cases were detected in Chalkidiki
  • 1 case was detected in Chania


  • A joint ministerial decision allowing private sector employers to work from home, a measure that was implemented in the past few months by many businesses as a way to prevent coronavirus infections, has been extended for two months, until September 30. The joint ministerial decision signed by the Ministries of Labor, Finance and Health, states that the employer can determine, unilaterally, that employees will work from home. It is likely that a legislative provision will be passed most likely in September to specify the obligations and rights of employers and employees during distance work, even after the measures to limit the spread of the virus have been lifted.

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