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Update – 07/12/2020

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 115,471. 101 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 3,003. The number of patients treated in intensive care units stands at 600. 904 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece, dropping the daily number below 1,000. 164 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 203 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

From today until January 8, 2021, from 7 in the morning until 8.30 in the evening, 110 stores that sell purely seasonal items will start operating.

In a recent interview, the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis stated that if crowded scenes are recorded, the shops will have to close again. However, as he said, as soon as the retail trade reopens, the stores will operate for 3-4 days a week.

First businesses to reopen are hairdressers, bookstores, and florists. Especially for companies selling toys, Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that both large and small companies will operate, when stores get the approval of reopening. As Minister of Development he would rather all retail trade opens during the holidays, “because it is a great loss for a company not to work during this period”. The mall stores will be the last to open. The smaller stores will open first, continued by the large ones. “However, the shopping malls must be open during the holidays,” the minister clarified.

The current lockdown expires on December 14, on the condition that numbers improve. Greece’s committee of health experts is expected to convene on Monday to decide on whether to allow schools to reopen briefly ahead of the Christmas holidays.

After the inevitable steep economic decline caused by the pandemic, the government is looking beyond the short term, to ensure that the rebound on the day after is as strong as the fall.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his aides are exploring the actions that must be given priority if the country is to experience strong economic growth for the first time in well over a decade.

One of these priorities will be to facilitate foreign investment, especially by companies that want to create hubs in Greece. Mitsotakis announced such a hub at last week’s 31st Annual Greek Economic Summit held by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. It will be created by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and is expected to generate 250 jobs. It comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that it will build data centers in Greece.

 Greece also hopes to attract “digital nomads” who work from their computers, irrespective of location, a trend strengthened by the pandemic.

Health Ministry General Secretary Marios Themistokelous told state broadcaster ERT: “We believe that we can accomplish the vaccination of the entire population within the next six months,” “The vaccination is safe, it saves lives, and it is the most important weapon we have to return to normalcy,”

Greek health authorities expect to have their hands on the first batch of vaccinations within two days of them being approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Reportedly, vaccinations will begin in January, with healthcare workers having priority. Greeks will be able to make appointments to receive the free shot at one of the country’s 1,018 vaccination centers that are currently being created in order to best distribute the vaccine to as many people as possible.

Regarding yesterday’s 904 cases:

• 5 cases during the checks carried out at the entrance gates of the country

• 164 cases in the Attica Region

• 203 cases in Thessaloniki

• 17 cases in Aitoloakarnania

• 3 cases in Argolida

• 2 cases in Arcadia

• 1 case in Arta

• 8 cases in Achaia

• 13 cases in Voiotia

• 4 cases in Grevena

• 27 cases in Drama

• 19 cases in Evros

• 3 cases in Evritania

• 4 cases in Ilia

• 13 cases in Imathia

• 11 cases in Heraklion

• 7 cases in Ioannina

• 18 cases in Kavala

• 32 cases in Karditsa

• 2 cases in Kastoria

• 1 case in Corfu

• 23 cases in Kilkis

• 44 cases in Kozani

• 3 cases in Corinth

• 63 cases in Larissa

• 6 cases in Lesvos

• 18 cases in Magnesia

• 7 cases in Messinia

• 1 case in Naxos

• 12 cases in Xanthi

• 25 cases in Pella

• 49 cases in Pieria

• 1 case in Preveza

• 3 cases in Of Rethymno

• 11 cases in Rodopi

• 3 cases in Rhodes

• 30 cases in Serres

• 6 cases in Trikala

• 2 cases in Fthiotida

• 16 cases in Florina

• 13 cases in Halkidiki

• 3 cases in Chania

• 5 cases in Chios

3 cases are under investigation.

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