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Update – 08/05/2020

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities yesterday evening, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 2,678. The death toll inched up by one to reach a total of 148. There are still 33 patients intubated in intensive care units, while 85 patients have left the intensive care unit.


  • The preparations for the return of final-year pupils to school on Monday entered the final stretch on Wednesday. The Education Ministry sent comprehensive health instructions drafted by the competent health authorities to schools and all relevant educational authorities.
  • The 13 chapters of instructions concern the whole framework of activities within the school environment, including necessary hygiene measures and what teachers, parents and students need to know and apply – the observance of personal hygiene rules and keeping appropriate distances, how to handle school equipment, how pupils should exit classrooms at break times etc.
  • In addition, the instructions also include psychological support for adolescents and teachers, and exercises on how to deal with various situations that may arise.


  • Churches on the island of Crete will be reopening their doors on May 17, allowing their parishioners to attend services, the Holy Synod of the semi-autonomous church said yesterday. In an announcement, the Church of Crete warned that the elderly, people with health problems and others who are at risk of serious infection with coronavirus should avoid congregating and exercise caution.
  • The decision to reopen includes the offices of the island’s archdiocese and metropolitan churches, which will go back into operation on May 11. The announcement added that social distancing and other safety measures implemented in other public spaces will be upheld in all areas of the church.


  • Culture Minister will present today additional measures to support the artists and employees working in the culture sector, as part of a government plan to help the economy recover from the consequences of the coronavirus.
  • So far, the government has paid out a 800-euro compensation to employees with active contracts or people belonging to particular categories of employees before the lockdown, and presented programs for unemployed artists.

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