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Update – 10/03/2021

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 209,462. 46 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 6,843. The number of patients treated in intensive care units is currently 484. 3,215 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece. 1,572 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 395 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

1,572 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed Attica alone; 395 in Thessaloniki

Of the 3,215 coronavirus cases recorded in Greece in the past 24 hours, 1,572 were located in Attica, home to the city of Athens.

Instances of the virus were particularly high in the center of the city itself, where 431 cases of Covid-19 were identified.

In Piraeus, the port of Athens, 301 new cases of the virus were diagnosed on Tuesday.

Tests showed that in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, a total of 395 cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in the last 24 hours.

Greece Aims to Open 2021 Tourist Season by May 14

Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis stated in a press conference on Tuesday that Greece is pinning its hopes on opening its tourist season on May 14 – but only to those who have been vaccinated or have antibodies against the coronavirus or test negative for it.

The vaccination of tourist workers wills lao be prioritized, he added, after those who belong to vulnerable groups are inoculated.

“We aim to open tourism by May 14, with specific rules and updated protocols. Until then, we will gradually lift the restrictions if conditions allow,” Theoharis noted to reporters.

The Tourism Minister spoke to the press at the Acropolis Museum as part of the International Tourism Fair ITB Berlin, which this year, because of the coronavirus, had to be held virtually.

Health Ministry eyes private doctors, transfer of Covid-19 patients outside Attica as cases rise

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday that new patients with Covid-19 may have to be transported to hospitals outside of Attica as those in the wider region of Athens reached capacity. Speaking on a Greek radio station, he also said that the ministry will issue “in a few hours or a day” a call on private doctors to help in state-run hospitals overwhelmed with patients.

“We have long since exceeded the capabilities of the system,” he told radio station Skai on Tuesday, noting that health authorities have two to three difficult weeks ahead of them.

Kikilias said said the ministry plans to increase capacity in intensive care units by 1,393 beds, starting with 10 opening in Tzanio Hospital on Tuesday and five in Ippokrateio by Saturday.

In more detail, the 3,215 new cases detected per Regional Unit:

  • Attica 1,572
    • Eastern Attica 158
    • Northern Sector of Athens 169
    • West Attica 80
    • Western Sector of Athens 264
    • Central Sector of Athens 431
    • Southern Sector of Athens 145
    • Islands 24
    • Piraeus 301
  • Thessaloniki 395
  • 33 cases in Etoloakarnania
  • 28 cases in Argolida
  • 15 cases in Arcadia
  • 7 cases in Arta
  • 149 cases in Achaia
  • 33 cases in Viotia
  • 6 cases in Drama
  • 14 cases in Evros
  • 27 cases in Evia
  • 19 cases in Evritania
  • 12 cases in Zakynthos
  • 14 cases in Ilia
  • 38 cases in Imathia
  • 48 cases in Heraklion
  • 17 cases in Thesprotia
  • 3 cases in Thira
  • 22 cases in Ioannina
  • 19 cases in Kavala
  • 8 cases in Kalymnos
  • 23 cases in Karditsa
  • 4 cases in Kastoria
  • 10 cases in Corfu
  • 2 cases in Kefallinia
  • 10 cases in Kilkis
  • 49 cases in Kozani
  • 47 cases in Corinth
  • 2 cases in Kos
  • 1 case in Laconia
  • 102 cases in Larissa
  • 1 case in Lassithi
  • 22 cases in Lesvos
  • 5 cases in Lefkada
  • 32 cases in Magnesia
  • 6 cases in Messinia
  • 2 cases in Naxos
  • 1 case in Xanthi
  • 22 cases in Pella
  • 23 cases in Pieria
  • 5 cases in Preveza
  • 19 cases in Rethymno
  • 10 cases in Rodopi
  • 5 cases in Rhodes
  • 6 cases in Samos
  • 23 cases in Serres
  • 7 cases in Sporades
  • 11 cases in Trikala
  • 31 cases in Fthiotida
  • 1 case in Florina
  • 5 cases in Fokida
  • 46 cases in Chalkidiki
  • 26 cases in Chania
  • 5 cases in Chios
  • 150 cases under investigation

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