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Update – 14/04/2020

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities yesterday at 6 pm, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 2,145. 99 people have died and 73 patients are intubated in intensive care units. Greek health authorities have run 43,417 tests in the country.


  • Greek health teams conducted numerous tests in several retirement homes around the region of Attica in the past 48 hours after at least 12 residents in a home in Nea Makri, east Attica, tested positive for coronavirus.
  • The quarantine imposed on the northern Greek villages of Echinos in Xanthi and Foustani in Pella will end on Tuesday, April 14.
  • The government’s plan for a return to normality, starting on May 10, will be implemented gradually and in phases on the condition that the coronavirus curve continues to flatten. The lifting of the measures could even be completed by as early as July, if things go as planned and there is no resurgence of the virus.

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