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Update – 17/03/2021

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 223,789.  59 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 7,196. The number of patients treated in intensive care units is currently 605. 1,533 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece. 666 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 148 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

Greece’s National Vaccination Committee has officially recommended that AstraZeneca’s coronavirus shot be distributed in Greece according to schedule on Tuesday. The Committee advised that the vaccine be given out as planned despite concerns about potential links between the inoculation and blood clots after a number of people who had received the vaccine later suffered from thrombosis.

Several incidents of thrombosis, or the formation of blood clots, have been reported in Austria and Denmark, and two deaths have occurred in patients there who had just received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Currently, a number of countries, mainly in Europe, have halted distribution of the vaccine, including Denmark, Germany, Ireland, and France.

The World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency, the EU’s drug regulator, urged countries to continue to give out the shot, as both bodies conduct extensive trials of the vaccine and investigate potential risks. They argue that the vaccine, which is among the cheapest on the market and is widely used across Europe, is integral in the campaign to inoculate as many people as possible and to stop the spread of the coronavirus. “There is no evidence that the incidents are caused by the vaccine and it is important that vaccination campaigns continue so that we can save lives and stem severe disease from the virus,” Christian Lindmeier, WHO spokesman, stated Sunday.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Greece’s National Vaccination Committee cited the recommendation of both the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency as fundamental in their decision, stating: “The committee examined that data available to date and unanimously judged that there is no reason to change its recommendation…The Committee underlined that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended the continuation of vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Scrapping the stricter weekend curfew and restrictions on movement for exercise are among the immediate steps for easing lockdown fatigue that Greece’s committee of experts on the coronavirus are expected to discuss on Wednesday as the government seeks to gradually lift restrictions that have been in place in many parts of the country since November. “We cannot overlook the fact that there is an enormous amount of fatigue in society and that some release valves are essential,” government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni told Alpha radio on Tuesday, expressing the administration’s desire to begin easing curbs.

Essentially, the idea is to do away with stricter restrictions that were imposed in recent weeks in areas on hard lockdown, including Attica. This may include a measure preventing people from driving outside their area of residence to take exercise and another extending the curfew on weekends from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. instead of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. as it is Monday through Friday.

According to sources, the committee will also discuss the possible reopening of hair and beauty salons as of next Monday, with other parts of the retail sector following a week later if coronavirus figures allow it.

In more detail, the 1,533 new cases detected per Regional Unit:

  • Attica 666
    • Eastern Attica 77
    • Northern Sector of Athens 90
    • West Attica 32
    • Western Sector of Athens 123
    • Central Sector of Athens 179
    • Southern Sector of Athens 71
    • Islands 7
    • Piraeus 87
  • Thessaloniki 148
  • Etoloakarnania 19
  • Argolida 15
  • Arcadia 6
  • Arta 4
  • Achaia 63
  • Boeotia 13
  • Grevena 4
  • Drama 4
  • Evros 24
  • Evia 22
  • Evritania 3
  • Zakynthos 1
  • Ilia 11
  • Imathia 29
  • Heraklion 45
  • Thesprotia 8
  • Thira 2
  • Ioannina 20
  • Kavala 15
  • Kalymnos 6
  • Karditsa 18
  • Kastoria 8
  • Corfu 1
  • Kefalonia 1
  • Kilkis 8
  • Kozani 30
  • Corinth 19
  • Laconia 5
  • Larissa 50
  • Lasithi 2
  • Lesvos 13
  • Lemnos 1
  • Magnesia 17
  • Messinia 5
  • Milos 1
  • Mykonos 1
  • Naxos 1
  • Xanthi 3
  • Pella 19
  • Pieria 16
  • Preveza 7
  • Rethymnon 7
  • Rhodes 2
  • Samos 2
  • Serres 17
  • Trikala 3
  • Fthiotida 14
  • Florina 3
  • Fokida 2
  • Chalkidiki 4
  • Chania 20
  • Chios 9
  • Under investigation 63

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