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Update – 17/11/2021

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As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece 847,188. 80 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 16,923. The number of patients treated in intensive care units is currently 547. 8,129 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece. 2,025 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 1,345 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

Local authorities have been authorized to issue temporary social security numbers (AMKA) that can be used only for the purpose of vaccination against Covid-19.

Under the new measure published in the Government Gazette, anyone, regardless of residency or citizenship status, can apply for a temporary AMKA directly from the local authority where they live or via a representative from an authorized non-governmental organization. 

The decision is part of efforts to increase vaccination coverage and is aimed mainly at migrants and migrant laborers who do not have papers and may be wary of state authorities.

As daily infection rates rose to more than 8,000 cases on Tuesday, and the number of deaths surged to a six-month high (80), the relevant procedures to activate the Health Ministry’s plan to requisition the services of private doctors to support struggling hospitals in northern Greece was set in motion.

Up until Tuesday afternoon, the ministry had secured the participation of only around 40 private doctors through the medical associations, with at least half of them registered in the previous 24 hours, prompting the activation of the requisition procedures as this this number was deemed unsatisfactory based on the needs of the hospitals.

According to ministry estimates, more than 100 doctors in specific specialties such as anesthesiologists, pulmonologists, physicians, general practitioners and cardiologists are needed to support the National Health System (ESY) at this point.

The addition of specialist doctors to the ESY armory, and especially to the hospitals of northern Greece at this stage, is seen as crucial as it will help increase the number of Covid beds at hospitals.

At the same time, government sources said Tuesday that no new restrictive measures are planned before Christmas. In this context, the restrictions that are already in place and concern those who are not vaccinated will remain. This means that restrictions will remain on access to indoor entertainment and other venues for those who do not have a certificate of vaccination or illness.

Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga, however, clarified that this is something that should be discussed with the Infectious Diseases Committee. “We monitor cases every day… Whether we will take more action is something we need to discuss with the Infectious Diseases Committee. At the moment, however, there are no more measures on the table,” she said. Gaga added that people should try to avoid coming into contact with others as much as possible.

A prosecutor has ordered the investigation of a now suspended health supervisor at a hospital in Thessaloniki in northern Greece who apparently encouraged a 51-year-old female Covid patient not to get intubated before she died last week.

The probe was launched after excerpts of a private conversation between the two were publicized.

The woman told the supervisor, an anti-vaxxer, that she did not want to be intubated and he responded that she “should not accept.”

He also questioned whether she was indeed infected. “Who said so? How did they diagnose you? What if it’s the flu? Or something else? How do they know?” the excerpt revealed he said. 

In more detail, the 8,129 new cases detected per Regional Unit:

  • Attica 2,025 
    • Eastern Attica 283
    • Northern Sector of Athens  295
    • West Attica 80
    • Western Sector of Athens 265
    • Central Sector of Athens 597
    • Southern Sector of Athens 226
    • Piraeus 255
    • Islands 24
  • Thessaloniki 1,345
  • Mount Athos 1
  • Etoloakarnania 169
  • Andros 1
  • Argolida 44
  • Arcadia 47
  • Arta 53
  • Achaia 308
  • Boeotia 89
  • Grevena 37
  • Drama 92
  • Evros 172
  • Evia 45
  • Evritania 13
  • Zakynthos 31
  • Ilia 36
  • Imathia 155
  • Heraklion 150
  • Thassos 12
  • Thesprotia 36
  • Thira 3
  • Ikaria 3
  • Ioannina 151
  • Kavala 69
  • Kalymnos 2
  • Karditsa 95
  • Kastoria 38
  • Corfu 139
  • Kefalonia 7
  • Kilkis 84
  • Kozani 189
  • Corinth 86
  • Kos 16
  • Laconia 33
  • Larissa 374
  • Lasithi 26
  • Lesvos 85
  • Lefkada 5
  • Lemnos 6
  • Magnesia 212
  • Messinia 109
  • Mykonos 7
  • Naxos 1
  • Xanthi 100
  • Paros 4
  • Pella 165
  • Pieria 116
  • Preveza 42
  • Rethymno 68
  • Rodopi 79
  • Rhodes 53
  • Samos 12
  • Serres 182
  • Sporades 6
  • Syros 3
  • Tinos 3
  • Trikala 125
  • Fthiotida 142
  • Florina 32
  • Fokida 11
  • Chalkidiki 105
  • Chania 44
  • Chios 2
  • Under investigation 223

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