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Update – 22/01/2021

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 150,479. 25 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 5,570. The number of patients treated in intensive care units is currently 293. 509 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece. 234 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 58 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

Greek Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias announced on Thursday that appointments to receive the coronavirus vaccine for those aged 80 to 84 will open on Friday at 6:00PM. Those looking to receive the inoculation can make their appointment for the shot at pharmacies, KEP offices, or through Greece’s special website.

Greece has received a staggering 400,000 requests for vaccine appointments from Greeks looking to get their first or second dose of the shot. Since the country began inoculating its population in late December, starting with healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities, a total of 123,077 people, or 1,13% of the population, have been vaccinated.

Greece remains the only “green” country on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) coronavirus map showing each European country’s Covid-19 status.

The ECDC releases a series of maps each Thursday that indicate the epidemiological circumstances across Europe, based on data for the 14 days up to midnight on Tuesday of each week. According to its most comprehensive map, which combines coronavirus positivity, testing, and notification rates, Greece remains the only European country with any “green” zones. In the map, the whole country is currently “yellow,” indicating a moderate risk, except for the region of Epirus and the Ionian, Cyclades and Dodecanese archipelagos, which are “green.”

The ECDC’s previous comprehensive map, released on January 14, indicated similar findings.

Both then and now, Greece is the only European country with any “green” zones, as the vast majority of the countries are red, indicating high rates of new cases of Covid-19 across Europe.

Pharmacists will provide the vaccine against Covid-19. Special Training is being conducted by the Institute of lifelong education and professional development of Pharmacists. Over 8,000 professionals have enrolled.

Deputy minister of External Affairs in Greece, Mr. Varvitsiotis said a certificate of vaccination against the virus is going to ease travel, not restrict it. A coordination among EU countries is required, he stressed.

In more detail, the 509 new cases detected per Regional Unit:

  • Attica 234:
    • Eastern Attica 27
    • Northern Sector of Athens 48
    • West Attica 15
    • Western Sector of Athens 26
    • Central Sector of Athens 64
    • Southern Sector of Athens 17
    • Islands 1
    • Piraeus 36
  • Thessaloniki 58
  • Etoloakarnania 9
  • Argolis 2
  • Arcadia 4
  • Arta 2
  • Achaia 19
  • Boeotia 10
  • Drama 1
  • Evros 8
  • Evia 8
  • Ilia 1
  • Imathia 10
  • Heraklion 1
  • Ioannina 2
  • Kavala 4
  • Karditsa 4
  • Kilkis 8
  • Kozani 15
  • Corinthians 4
  • Laconia 7
  • Larissa 16
  • Lasithi 2
  • Lesvos 3
  • Magnesia 10
  • Messinia 2
  • Mykonos 3
  • Xanthi 1
  • Pella 3
  • Pieria 10
  • Rethymnon 2
  • Rodopi 11
  • Serres 6
  • Trikala 4
  • Fthiotida 3
  • Florina 3
  • Halkidiki 4
  • Chania 4
  • Under investigation 3

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