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Update – 26/03/2021

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 247,992.  52 new deaths were reported raising the total number to 7,701. The number of patients treated in intensive care units is currently 706. 2,588 new cases were announced yesterday in Greece. 1,317 of the new cases were found in the Attica region and 315 new cases in the Thessaloniki region.

A record number of patients with Covid-19 in Greece are on ventilators on Thursday. The total number of people undergoing the treatment has reached 706, breaking the previous record of 699, which was recorded on both the last two consecutive days, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Greece identified a total of 2,588 Covid-19 cases in the country on Thursday, 474 fewer than the record 3,062 cases diagnosed in Greece on Wednesday.

Genomic analysis completed by the National Genomic Surveillance Network has identified a total of 2,898 UK and 56 South African variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the country. The 56 positive strains of the South Africa variant mutations were all domestic: 47 came from the regional unit of Thessaloniki, two from Ioannina, five from Attica, one from Etoloakarnania and one from the Iraklio.

Greece on Thursday lifted a one-week quarantine rule for Israeli travellers who are vaccinated against Covid-19 and test negative, the civil aviation authority said.

Israeli travellers who show a certificate proving that their inoculation was completed two weeks ago and a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to travel to Greece will not need to quarantine for a week, the Greek civil aviation authority said in an advisory on Thursday.

The new rule will be in force until April 5, it said.

Under current rules, all foreigners arriving in Greece should test negative and quarantine for seven days. For passengers from Britain and the United Arab Emirates, a second negative test is required before they exit the one-week quarantine.

Greece plans to open its tourism sector, a key growth driver for the economy, to people who are vaccinated against Covid-19, have antibodies or test negative from May.

Israel has administered two doses of Covid-19 vaccine to more than half its population, the health minister said on Thursday, a world-beating rollout that has helped the country emerge from pandemic closures.

An experiment to test whether vacations abroad can be considered coronavirus-proof was approved by the Dutch government Wednesday and will take place on Rhodes in April, according to Dutch media reports.

The holiday, set to begin on April 12, is an initiative by the travel industry and will be enjoyed by approximately 188 travelers.

They will stay for eight days at an all-inclusive resort on Rhodes that they will be unable to leave and which will only allow entry to staff. They will be tested both before and after the trip to check the efficacy of measures in guarding international holidaymakers against the virus.

In more detail, the 2,588 new cases detected per Regional Unit:

  • Attica 1,317
    • Eastern Attica 170
    • Northern Sector of Athens 195
    • West Attica 61
    • Western Sector of Athens 173
    • Central Sector of Athens 366
    • Southern Sector of Athens 150
    • Islands 13
    • Piraeus 189
  • Thessaloniki 315
  • 30 cases in Etoloakarnania
  • 3 cases in Andros
  • 21 cases in Argolida
  • 9 cases in Arcadia
  • 6 cases in Arta
  • 100 cases in Achaia
  • 24 cases in Boeotia
  • 7 cases in Grevena
  • 5 cases in Drama
  • 18 cases in Evros
  • 34 cases in Evia
  • 3 cases in Evritania
  • 19 cases in Zakynthos
  • 28 cases in Ilia
  • 14 cases in Imathia
  • 38 cases in Heraklion
  • 6 cases in Thesprotia
  • 1 case in Thira
  • 24 cases in Ioannina
  • 13 cases in Kavala
  • 6 cases in Kalymnos
  • 29 cases in Karditsa
  • 2 cases in Karpathos
  • 5 cases in Kastoria
  • 12 cases in Corfu
  • 1 case in Kefallinia
  • 18 cases in Kilkis
  • 59 cases in Kozani
  • 22 cases in Corinth
  • 2 cases in Kos
  • 3 cases in Laconia
  • 71 cases in Larissa
  • 3 cases in Lassithi
  • 2 cases in Lesvos
  • 1 case in Lefkada
  • 36 cases in Magnesia
  • 15 cases in Messinia
  • 6 cases in Mykonos
  • 2 cases in Naxos
  • 4 cases in Xanthi
  • 28 cases in Pella
  • 9 cases in Pieria
  • 1 case in Preveza
  • 6 cases in Rethymno
  • 4 cases in Rodopi
  • 9 cases in Rhodes
  • 5 cases in Samos
  • 28 cases in Serres
  • 1 case in Sporades
  • 15 cases in Trikala
  • 31 cases in Fthiotida
  • 3 cases in Fokida
  • 17 cases in Chalkidiki
  • 18 cases in Chania
  • 10 cases in Chios
  • 68 cases under investigation

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