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Update – 30/04/2020

As of the latest update by the Greek authorities yesterday evening, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 diagnosed cases in Greece is 2,576. One infected patient died in the past 24 hours pushing the death toll to 139. 41 patients are intubated in intensive care units, while 71 patients have left the intensive care unit.


  • Education Minister yesterday unveiled a model for the operation of schools that foresees alternating classes and social distancing. The Minister confirmed the schedule for the staggered resumption of classes, as announced by the Prime Minister on Tuesday, namely that senior high pupils will return to school on May 11 followed a week later by secondary and primary school pupils.
  • Classes will be divided into two (with a maximum of 15 pupils in each group) and will alternate with one group attending classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the other group attending lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the groups switching schedules the following week.
  • There will be a home study program for the days that pupils are not at school. Meanwhile, pupils who live with people belonging to high-risk groups will be able to do their classes from home.
  • In class, pupils will have to sit 1.5 meter apart from each other while the use of masks in the classroom will be optional. Canteens will not operate to avert crowding.
  • University entrance exams will begin on June 15 and end-of-year school exams will be cancelled.


  • Passengers using public transport as of May 4, should wear a face mask, practice diligent social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel, the government said yesterday. Citizens were also advised to use their car, if possible, instead of public transportation.
  • The suspension of traffic-zone restrictions in central Athens introduced after the pandemic are extended to the end of May and car drivers will be allowed to have up to two passengers per journey. Train platforms will be marked to help passengers maintain social distancing while waiting and commuters are prohibited from entering the front doors of buses and trolleys to protect the drivers.

  • A legislative act is to provide for the extension of the suspension of labor contracts for companies harmed by the coronavirus containment measures until May 31. Thursday would mark the end of the first phase of the measure, which concerned enterprises that were ordered by the government to close on March 13. The extension will concern both businesses that remain closed after a public authority order for as long as this is valid, and those damaged by the containment measures based on the activity code numbers (KAD) the Finance Ministry has set till end-May.

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