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Update – 02.10.2020


  • On Thursday October 2nd, Russia recorded 9,412 new cases of coronavirus in 85 Russian regions, raising the official number of positive results to 1,194,643, with 21,077 fatalities. Most of the new COVID-19 cases (2704) were registered in Moscow, raising the total number of Muscovites with confirmed COVID-19 to 297,729. In the meantime, a total number of 970,296. Russian patients are known to have recovered from the virus. Given the current epidemiological situation, new restrictions will not be introduced, as noted by the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, on September 30th.
  • Due to the increased spread rate of the coronavirus infection, which has tripled in three weeks in Moscow, new measures for the region have been introduced as from September 28th: individuals over 65 years of age and those with chronic diseases must isolate, or, if employed, switch to home office or take a vacation. Remote work mode is generally advised for private organizations. Social services and support for citizens on quarantine are operating again from September 28th, including those involved in the delivery of subsidized medicines, groceries and other essential items. The measures will last until October 28th.
  • Two out of three Russian companies do not expect to recover their businesses from the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic by the end of the year, according to research conducted by the “” online employment service. 32% of survey participants reported that it would take over a year to fully restore their business. 33% of respondents are confident that it will be possible to recover from the crisis by the end of 2020, and 26% would need three to six months. 36% of the surveyed companies have not yet been able to fully revive their business. In general, 12% of the respondents were not affected by the pandemic at all.
  • From September 24th, Russian citizens arriving from abroad by plane will have to isolate at home, before receiving PCR test results, which is obligatory within 72 hours after arrival.
  • Moscow authorities announced the extension of school holidays due to an increase in detected cases of coronavirus infection in the capital. As such, children will be on holiday between October 5th and October 18th. Considering overall short depth of sales, tourism agencies are expecting to see an increase in last-minute bookings following this news.
  • On September 21st, Russian authorities announced the resumption of international air traffic with Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek, from September 23rd), the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, from September 26th) and Kazakhstan (Nur Sultan, from September 27th). Additionally, regular flights to South Korea (Seoul) resumed on October 1st. Although Russian tourists are not required to present negative PCR test results to enter Belarus, nor required to undergo quarantine upon arrival, limited air connectivity (1 flight a week) and an unstable political situation do not inspire Russians to book trips to the country. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are not traditionally popular leisure destinations and instead attract business travel. To enter South Korea, Russian citizens will need to apply for a visa and present a negative PCR test result, and also undergo mandatory two-week quarantine upon arrival.
  • Czech Airlines have announced the resumption of flights between the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation as from October 4th. Cyprus Airways plans to resume flights to Moscow from October 25th. Russian NordWind airlines will launch direct charter flights to Zanzibar (Tanzania) on October 25th.
  • Russia and Greece are negotiating the resumption of air traffic. Greek authorities have prolonged the directive on the entry of Russian citizens from September 21st to October 5th. Russians will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Greece and will have to stay at the place of temporary residence until the results are issued. Tour operators confirm the possibility of resuming direct flights between Russia and Greece in October.


  • On Thursday, October 2nd, Kazakhstan recorded 65 new cases of coronavirus, raising the official number of positive cases to 108,044, with 1,725 fatalities.
  • The Social Health Insurance Fund has allocated over 73 billion tenge (~170mln USD) to cover salaries for medical workers.
  • On September 30th, Minister of Health, Aleksey Tsoi, stated that Kazakhstan has achieved stabilization of the epidemiological situation, and there are no regions in the red and yellow zones – all regions are now in the green zone.
  • Additional measures in Kazakhstan will be introduced to prevent the import of Covid-19 from abroad, starting October 5th which include:
    • Suspension of the resumption of new flights with other countries
    • No increase in the number of flights with countries with which air traffic has already resumed
    • Reduction in the number of flights to Turkey
  • For those arriving from countries of the second category (currently, these are all countries with which air traffic has been resumed), several mandatory requirements have been established:
    • filling out a questionnaire form
    • temperature checks
    • valid negative PCR test

Negative COVID-19 certificates will be valid for up to 96 hours from the time of the PCR test Those arriving in the country without a valid negative COVID-19 certificate will be isolated in a quarantine hospital for up to two days for testing.


  • As of the morning of October 2nd, 4,633 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the country, marking an all-time high in Ukraine and raising the official number of positive cases to 217,661, with 4,261 fatalities.
  • Ukraine has lifted the ban on entry for foreign tourists, as of September 28th. This was announced by State Border Service representative, Andrei Demchenko.
  • According to the Research & Branding Group, 35% of Ukrainians surveyed are ready to be vaccinated once it becomes available for free. At the same time, 50% of the respondents do not wish to be vaccinated, and another 15% are indecisive.
  • After an epidemic zoning revision in Ukraine, Kyiv has been deemed an “orange” quarantine zone as opposed to a “yellow” one, which entails certain moderations to quarantine, including the restriction of visits to social retirement homes, except for those providing emergency services (+ restrictions of the “green” zone).
  • After a long break, KLM Airlines plans to resume flights from Kyiv to Amsterdam from October 25th 2020. National Ukrainian airline, UIA, is launching several new routes to London, UK from October 2nd and Marsa Alam, Egypt, from October 3rd.


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