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Update – 14.05.2020

  • On Thursday, May 14th, Russia recorded 9974 new cases of coronavirus in 84 Russian regions, raising the official number of positive results to 252,245 with 2305 dead. 40.6% of infected Russians had no clinical symptoms of the disease. The majority of new COVID-19 cases (4712) were registered in Moscow, bringing the total number of Moscovites with confirmed COVID-19 to 130,716. In the meantime, a total number of 53,530 Russian patients are known to have recovered from coronavirus. Russia is now the 3rd most-affected country in terms of infections after the USA and Spain.
  • On Tuesday, May 12th, the mask regime came into force in Moscow and the Moscow Region. When visiting public places and traveling by public transport, people are required to wear masks and gloves.
  • On Monday, May 11th, Russian President Vladimir Putin eased Russia’s “non-working” period imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus. “Starting from May 12, the national non-working period ends for the entire country and for all sectors of the economy,” Putin said in his sixth televised address on the coronavirus. Restrictions will remain in force for those over 65 years old, while the ban on mass events will continue to apply. Putin extended the regional governors’ authority to impose restrictions during the outbreak and said doctors will have the “final say” on when to lift restrictions. Construction, agriculture and energy will be restarted first.
  • On Monday, May 11th, Russian President Vladimir also announced new measures for supporting Russian citizens and businesses:
    • Doctors, as well as mid-level and junior medical personnel working with coronavirus patients will receive between $270 and $810 for a two-week shift.
    • Social workers and teachers working with coronavirus patients will receive $472.
    • Every family is eligible for a one-time payment of $135 for each child between the ages of 3 and 16 years old.
    • Companies from the most affected sectors will be able to get a loan for up to 6 months with a minimum wage for each of its employees. If the company retains 90% of its employees after one year, the government will write off the loan.
  • According to the NAFI analytical centre survey conducted at the end of April 2020, 64% of Russians anticipate the opening of borders in the next six months, and 33% anticipate this will happen in June-July 2020. The majority of Russian tourists (82%) do not have many concerns about coronavirus infection. Only 18% speak of a strong fear of coronavirus, and even among this group, 1/3 of respondents do not exclude the possibility of a trip across Russia and abroad. Despite quarantines introduced everywhere, 67% of respondents (9% of all Russians) plan vacations in the coming summer.
  • Aeroflot, Russia’s national air carrier announced that while it is still difficult to forecast exact dates, they are considering an optimistic scenario with the resumption of flights in July 2020. Previously, resumption of international operations was scheduled for August 1st, 2020, with ticket sales abroad currently available from this date onwards. Increased safety measures for passengers are being developed, including distance between passengers, as well as increased disinfection of aircraft.
  • On Tuesday, May 12th, Russian airlines have opened sales for Turkish flights starting from July 1st. Such tickets are offered by Pobeda airlines, Azur Air, Ural Airlines, Red Wings, Nordavia and Onur Air. Tour operators, however, remain skeptical about the opening of these international flights in July.


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