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Update – 24.03.2020

  • There have been 438 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far and one death. A federal task force says all the new infections were reported in Moscow. At the time of this writing, 17 people in Russia have recovered from coronavirus: 14 Russians, two Chinese nationals, and one Italian citizen. More than 93 thousand people are under medical supervision in Russia due to suspected coronavirus. This is stated on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.
  • By date, The Russian government announced a “high alert” status for all 85 of its regions, requiring the whole country to take anti-coronavirus measures. Moscow has already closed all sports facilities including swimming pools and fitness clubs due to the coronavirus outbreak. Besides, Moscow had already suspended most public events and restricted mass gatherings, as well as banning the entry of foreign nationals and closing schools.
  • Moscow authorities are considering the introduction of strict quarantine in case of a critical number of people infected with the coronavirus. The authorities are also discussing the option of restricting the operation of shopping centres, bars, cafes and restaurants. In addition, measures are being considered to limit passenger flows, including entry into the city may be restricted. If there are extremely many sick people, they will close public transport, including the metro.
  • Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, in connection with the spread of coronavirus, urged residents of the capital over 65 not to leave home from March 26 to April 14. The mayor called on people with chronic illnesses to refrain from going out. “Muscovites over-65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, chronic kidney disease, or cancer, as well as those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke are required to comply with the home regime. If you are working, please do not go to work,” Sobyanin said.
  • Russia’s executive branch has prepared a series of anti-crisis measures to support the country’s economy and its citizens amid the current coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin’s cabinet intends to focus its efforts on regulating the labour market to support Russian residents, especially in the country’s megacities. The cabinet is also recommending the following steps, among others:
    • Regulate prices on food and essentials;
    • Subsidize credit rates for businesses;
    • Compensate for transportation and tourism companies for their losses;
    • Support cultural and athletic institutions;
    • Temporarily suspend or cancel payments for rent on government property;
    • Subsidize credit interest rates for construction companies.
  • The city of Moscow is prepared to allocate 10 more hospital buildings for the treatment of coronavirus infections, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced on Monday during the opening for a COVID-19 wing in City Hospital No. 67. According to Sobyanin, seven Moscow hospitals currently have buildings set aside for patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and patients who are under observation due to suspected exposure. The mayor also reminded reporters that a new infectious disease centre is under construction in the New Moscow area.
  • Russia restricts air traffic with Turkey, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. Earlier, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Russia limited air traffic with China, South Korea, Iran, as well as EU countries, Norway and Switzerland that are not members of the EU. In total – with 146 countries. The full list, published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency (, enumerates 146 countries for which only direct flights between capitals are temporarily possible from March 23. All organized tourists will return to Russia within a week. So far, 57.8 thousand Russians remain abroad.
  • The International Airport Association (IAA), which unites Moscow and leading regional airports in Russia, sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asking for help after a serious drop in passenger traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic. The document states that along with the air transport industry, airports that have implemented or are in the initial stage of investment programs also encountered negative consequences of the crisis.

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