Customer Retention: 5 Quick Strategies Everyone Should be Using

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Written by: Action Digital

Customers are the most important asset of your company. While companies are pushed to become more ‘human’ and get in touch with customers on a more personal level, developing customer loyalty is an absolute must for every marketing plan in 2018. The experts at Action Digital are here to provide some food for thought as we point you towards five sure-fire strategies to facilitate customer retention!


Be Smart about your E-shop Cart

We’ve all been there. We go to an e-shop, find what we were looking for, add it to our cart and then let it linger. There’s around a 70% cart abandonment rate but can you really afford to let your potential customers leave without a purchase?

In a virtual world, users may leave their online cart for numerous reasons, most often because they are subject to hidden extra costs or they find better prices elsewhere. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying to bring them back.

Look through your purchasing funnel and find out where most of your users are dropping. Depending on this, send them a reminder email, or better yet, give them a discount on the product they abandoned and you can be sure that they will remember your kind gesture when thinking about their next purchase!


Utilize User Generated Content (UGC)

Due to the over-saturation of branded content, specifically on social media, audiences have started to turn a blind eye despite companies’ best efforts. However, if your content is authentic, real, you have a greater chance of making a connection with your customer.

UGC, is content that has been created by others, usually your fans, and shared online. This content can be used to accurately advertise your brand in an authentic way. Take advantage of UGC by engaging with your audience, building a positive rapport, giving a shout out to your fans on social media and using their content to promote each other. Not only are you showing appreciation to your fans, but you’re also building social proof.


Create Exclusive Deals

Everyone loves to feel special, so why not create exclusive deals for your loyal customers? Show them your appreciation by giving them early access to products or discounts on selected items. Additionally, you can create re-marketing campaigns for audiences that have visited certain pages on your site, giving them an incentive to come back and make a purchase.

For example, let’s say that a user visits a site which sells tickets for the next big event in their town. If the user didn’t make a purchase, you can re-market them through banners with a clear call-to-action, stating that if they buy within the next 24 hours, they will be eligible for a 20% discount.


Keep things Fresh with Giveaways

Keep your fans interested via great giveaways on social media. Along with keeping your content calendar fresh and exciting, giveaways can help attract new customers who wouldn’t normally look for your product or service.


Don’t forget your Call-to-Actions

It may sound really obvious, but what with all the content that a user is bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s quite easy for them to overlook the bit that mattered most. And with the extra effort placed on ensuring content is exceptional these days, it’s easy to see why companies often forget to write a simple call-to-action.

Make sure that you add a clear and visible call-to-action which actually provides value to the user. Sometimes a little extra push is all that’s needed for someone to remember your worth and what your product or service can offer them.


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