Evolution of the digital landscape in emerging markets

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Written by: Action Digital

Action Global Communications is taking the company’s award-winning, strategic approach to PR and communications in emerging markets into the digital realm through Action Digital. Together, Action Digital and Action Global Communications will offer wholly integrated and bespoke on and offline communications strategy to help clients widen their reach, engage their consumers, amplify the impact of their brand and grow their business across emerging markets. The company is seeing that crucially, in the emerging markets which it knows so well, social media and other online channels are not only growing at warp speed, but are quickly evolving into highly trusted, go-to sources for news and information for many countries across these regions; a supplement, or in some cases a replacement, for news outlets themselves. This means online and social are not just ‘other channels’ to target, but extensions of existing media strategies which require a consolidated and integrated approach. This is a game changer for brands looking to build stronger connections to their consumers and stakeholders in Central or Eastern Europe, the Balkans, CIS, Caucuses, Central Asia, Middle East or North Africa regions. The success of Action’s structure, which has kept the company at the forefront of the communications industry in the world’s fastest growing regions for over 40 years, is built on two premises. Providing clients with a central global strategy and ongoing consultation from our team of experts in one of the company’s three regional hubs (UAE, Russia and Cyprus), and the presence of strong, local expertise in each country to ensure content and strategy are tailored to the needs and interests of local audiences. This allows for the flexibility to rapidly and proactively manage a strategic approach on the ground without diluting the strength or impact of a brand’s identity and global strategy. “The online world provides endless opportunity for cross-border, multi-market engagement, but success depends on how online channels are utilised,” says Chris Christodoulou, Managing Director for Action Global Communications. “Action Digital’s approach is built on three essential pillars; it starts with our network – an established, on-the-ground, local presence. This is supported by a hub team of specialised, digital communications experts. The third is the know-how and experience to fit all of the puzzle pieces together – digital, communications, cultural and marketing expertise – through our proven structure of having all elements centrally coordinated for a cohesive and integrated approach.” With people not only consuming, but also being targeted with more content and information than ever before, a credible online voice must be at the centre of any campaign for businesses looking to gain significant ground in emerging markets. A shared voice and brand identity must be defined globally, but how that translates on a local level requires local insight and expertise in order to generate a meaningful connection. Action Digital’s Head of Marketing, Jaric Karepov stated, “We offer a new way to look at digital marketing by drawing on a tried and tested regional strategy and local expertise. We help our clients push the boundaries of their online voice to ensure that their stakeholders stand up, listen and are left with a lasting impression in their minds that will get them, and keep them, talking about the brand in the long-term.” The central digital hub hosts a diverse team of seasoned digital experts each specialised in different areas of digital and online communications and marketing – from designers to content developers. This team will manage and support a network of local experts, each well versed in all aspects of online strategic implementation spanning over 40 countries.

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