Your Guide to Keeping Customers Happy with Facebook Messenger

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

We all know that Facebook Messenger can be great for keeping in touch with friends, family and loved ones, but what most people don’t recognise, is just how good it can be for your business as a great customer service tool! With a whopping 900 million people using Facebook Messenger each month, Facebook chat bots for messenger now allow any client or customer to reach you more easily, no matter how big or small your company is.

We bring you one step closer to using it for the real benefit of your business to make meaningful connections, as we guide you through real time customer care, while taking advantage of other great perks and tools, giving you the chance to connect and engage with your clients in a better way than ever.


1. Provide customer care, in real time

All about real time conversations online, you can be there to answer customer/client questions the moment that they need help. The more responsive you are with your messages on your business Facebook page, the more your clients will feel that you offer the most professional service possible.


2. Make the most of your Facebook page username

Facebook has launched usernames which can now help people find your business with a short direct link (which you can customise and edit) that leads to your business messenger profile when they click it. This makes it simple for anyone to find your business and start a conversation with you, and means you can be there for them to provide an interactive customer experience on mobile devices.

To really reap the benefits, make this code visible everywhere and anywhere! Splash it across your website and other social media channels, print it on your business cards, and make it super easy for customers and clients to directly contact you.


3. Share messenger codes so customers connect more

Messenger codes can be scanned with a client’s messenger app, allowing them to send your business a private message wherever they may be. The messenger code image is a transparent .PNG file that looks like this


facebook messenger for business

Share this code in your business Facebook posts and you’ll be alerting clients that they can scan the code and message you any time. And the great thing about these codes is that they can be used offline, on your business cards, on your brochures, wherever you choose to feature them!


4. Improve communication with messenger greetings & instant replies

You can now improve the experience that you are giving your customers with a greeting that people will see the first time they set up a chat with your business on Facebook via the ‘messaging’ tab. You can even include your company logo in this, while you can also improve the experience and reduce the wait time with your page’s Response Assistant Features, with an instant reply letting them know that their message will be answered as soon as possible. And here’s a handy tip – inside Business Manager, you can even add a personalisation, such as the first name of the person to replies! The more personal the experience, the more loyal the customer is likely to become.

In a gist, Facebook Messenger makes instant one-on-one customer service easier than ever, and opens up new pathways for connecting with existing customers while making way for fresh prospects! Take advantage of all the beneficial tools and remember: happy customers usually become loyal customers and brand advocates.


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