Facebook Experimenting With New Design for Desktop Version of Pages

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Written by: Action Digital

Following the release of a new look for mobile Pages for business last year, Facebook is now running a trial of a new design for the same pages on desktop, implementing a handful of changes intended to make it easier for people to learn about, and interact with a business’s page. The newly designed business Pages for desktop will employ many of the changes that were applied for the mobile redesign. Amongst the changes that are being tested, Pages will no longer include right-rail ads, the cover photo will be larger and call-to-action buttons will be more obvious.

Cover Photo

One major cosmetic change to the Page’s interface, is the removal of the profile photo from the cover photo making more space for a full-width unobscured cover. With the cover now some 25% larger at 1012 x 385 pixels, businesses may need to redesign their covers in accordance to the new dimensions. CkR18ZHW0AIfiVp

Right-rail ads

In keeping with the end goal of making business Pages on Facebook easier and more user friendly, Facebook will be removing the right-rail display ads, that used to be visible on the right hand side of Pages for desktop. By removing the right-rail ads, Facebook has created more space for the new design elements, however completely omitting the right-rail ads is not yet in the plans.

Page Navigation Menu

Complementing the larger and uninterrupted cover photos, Facebook is also looking to move the page navigation menu over to the left-hand-rail, while the page information boxes including the “about” section and the Pages like count, will be replacing the right-rail ads on the right hand rail of the page. We haven’t yet seen these experiments live ourselves but we are indeed looking forward to it.

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