Five Reasons Why Brands Should Blog

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Written by: Action Digital

If you hadn’t already noticed, blogging has swiftly become one of the most valuable tools for sharing information, engaging with customers and driving traffic to your website. Other than positively effecting your SEO ratings, a blog can also help improve your brand’s reputation and authority, putting you ahead of your competitors and growing your business both on and offline. Here are Action Digital’s top five reasons why blogging is so important to businesses today.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Simply put, search engines love unique and relevant content and will reward you for providing it but increasing your ranking and increasing traffic to your website. Blogging about topics that are related to your brand or service will also help potential clients find you when they are searching for information online creating greater exposure for your business amongst target audiences.
  2. Social Media: Blogs make for great social media content that you can share across all your platforms to help increase traffic to your site as well as raise brand awareness and increase your target audience. A blog is your opportunity to tell your story in your own voice making it a great way to promote your brand across social media.
  3. Build Authority: By blogging about topics related to your brand you can carve out a niche for yourself as an expert or voice of authority in your industry. By sharing your content amongst target audiences, you will quickly become known as a trusted expert who can provide expert advice and information leading to more phone calls, emails and enquiries.
  4. Encourage Interaction: You know that comment box underneath most blog posts? Well that section provide your clients and clients-to-be with a perfect opportunity to interact with you. By making sure you reply to the comments left underneath your blog posts, you will be creating an online two-way conversation with your customers.
  5. Stay on Top of Industry Trends: Blogs have to be relevant and timely, so by updating your website with regular blogs, you’ll be forced to stay on top of the latest industry trends, news and hot topics. By doing so you will quickly become and industry leader and source of up-to-date information for clients and potential customers.

With a team of expert content writers, designers and digital marketers, Action Digital can help you out with all your blogging needs. To start seeing the ROI benefits a blog can have on your business, contact us today.

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