Getting to Grips with Google Hawk to Improve your SEO ranking!

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

Towards the end of August 2017, news broke about the so called ‘hawk’. Not quite as scary as it may sound, the Google algorithm update has been designed to help filter local organic search results in an attempt to fight against duplicate listings or content, giving the user or ‘searcher’ a better experience when looking for businesses in their area that match their search criteria. While the change shouldn’t have a great effect on non-local organic search efforts, small businesses have to be very aware of how to make their presence known, loud and clear. Here are some simple local SEO tips by Action Digital to improve your search ranking, post hawk!


Gather those reviews!

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for customers to review your site or product. Because the more people that confirm that it has met their needs, the more Google is likely to put it up front for the next person to see. Getting good reviews on Google My Business page is especially crucial, and when someone reviews your business, either with a positive or negative comment, be sure to respond.


Be SEO savvy

We’ve all fallen into the trap of placing great focus on SEO when we first launch a website, then forgetting about it a little once time passes. But Google never forgets, and when returning local results, SEO is key. Do make sure that you have SEO titles of the right length and craft catchy meta descriptions tags which you should treat as little ‘mini ads’ for your products or services. And make sure there are no broken links or images.


Update your Google listings

It’s one of the first things that’s going to appear in a Google search, so make sure that all your company details are correct and up to date.


Add more content focused on your local market

Does your business offer one of a kind services in your area? Then be sure to reach local customers online by constantly updating content with the use of geographical keywords including the name of your village, town or city added into the descriptions. You can even create a geo-targeted landing page highlighting the services you provide locally.


Check out the local competition

Carry out a search to ensure that your business is showing up as it should and see if there are any other similar businesses in your local area that are popping up first. Check to make sure they aren’t using exactly the same address as yours (eg. if they are in the same building) as this will cause confusion and interfere with search results.

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