Instagram Advertising: The newest way to reach your customers on Social Media

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Written by: Action Digital

With a global audience of over 400 million users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks. This vast source of highly engaged consumers is a treasure trove for businesses looking to connect with target markets in a high-quality visual environment.   Luckily, Instagram has at last opened its advertising platform to all brands, here are some of the reasons and ways business use Instagram for advertising.  

  • As a platform based on exploration through high quality imagery, Instagram allows marketers to tell creative, visual stories about themselves and their brand.
  • Since launching the ad service with select brands in 2013, businesses using the service reportedly saw campaigns generate a lift in ad recall of 2.8x, significantly drive revenue and attract new customers.
  • The highly coveted ad-targeting tools used by Facebook will also be available to use on Instagram making the platform an even more valuable resource for ad campaigns.
  • Instagram is currently working on a new ad format which will include a call-to-action purchasing feature, allowing businesses to instantly convert followers into buyers.
  • With call-to-action buttons included in an ad, businesses can direct potential customers directly to a specific section of their website, driving traffic and raising mass awareness.
  • Instagram’s rapidly increasing network of users make it the largest mobile ad platform available, meaning business will have constantly improving chances of connecting with target audiences and reaching customers.
  • The platform is rolling out a variety of different ad formats including stand-alone images, video and carousel ads with multiple images.

  At Action Digital, our team of experts are capable of creating highly engaging social campaigns to drive results for business goals. We use targeted advertising and stimulating visual graphics, which can be localised for our network of 40 plus markets in the Middle East, Russia and CIS and North Africa.   Interested in setting up Instagram ads? We can help you and your business connect with the platforms network of users, so get in touch with us today.

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