LinkedIn Advertising: 3 Key Benefits for your Business

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

When it comes to advertising your business online, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads certainly reign supreme. But what about the slightly atypical LinkedIn? More often than not, it’s forgotten or placed on the back-burner, but it shouldn’t be really.

With over 460 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world in terms of active users (, and it’s also available in over 24 languages. All about business connections and industry contacts, many people don’t actually know, or even forget about, how businesses can use LinkedIn to their benefit, especially when it comes to advertising. Action Digital outlines three simple points worth keeping in mind when it comes to the benefits of this targeted and yet often overlooked powerhouse of millions of professionals the world over!


1. It’s super targeted

While some people may dismiss LinkedIn’s smaller audience, there’s a key difference between the users on LinkedIn to those on Facebook. And the key point is: most people are on LinkedIn with a professional mindset.  They are either hunting for a job, hunting for talent, or hunting for business collaboration opportunities…you get the picture!


2. It’s ideal for B2B advertising

This brings us onto point number two: B2B advertising. The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can target specific professional groups, using important B2B demographics, targeting specific industries, professionals of a certain seniority, or a distinct LinkedIn group. This ensures that the leads that do come through, will be of good quality! Say that you manage a business consulting firm that offers specialised certificates and you want to draw in the interest of companies you believe need to know about your services. LinkedIn advertising is a great way of reaching out to HR and CEO’s in relevant industries.


3. A great variety of ads

What many people don’t know, is that there are nine different types of LinkedIn ads. Yes, that’s right! And they are all different in positions, purpose and shape, providing a variety of ways to get your message across, with each having their own unique advantages. And if you understand how to go about great content marketing, you can increase brand awareness and engagement, and hopefully, generate more leads.

Sponsored content on LinkedIn is particularly interesting, appearing right in the middle of your audience’s news feed. In-mail ads are also effective, as users receive notifications straight into their LinkedIn inbox. This super personalised approach means that your target audience will most likely see and read what you have to say, but the good news is that if they don’t open the email, you won’t be charged!

Say that you are a company that sells sports shoes, you can target individuals according to their industry, field of study, and skills. You can create In-mail ads that promote the different kind of sports shoes that you sell (eg. running shoes, tennis shoes, football shoes) to the appropriate groups, providing info with a more personalised approach as to why this specific shoe is ideal for them.

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