How To Best Optimize your PPC Landing Page For More Conversions

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Written by: Action Digital

Created a really seductive PPC (Pay Per Click) ad that you’re convinced will entice people to take action? Don’t pat yourselves on the back just yet; this is just half the battle. Because once a user gets to your PPC landing page, you can pretty much wave goodbye to them if it’s not optimized in just the right way. In essence, your landing page is a fantastic marketing weapon, if done right! But how to best optimize your landing page to better engage your target audience to really reap the benefits from your paid ad? Our step-by-step guide will make things easier


Relevance is absolutely crucial

This is as simple as it sounds: the landing page must correspond to the ad. If for example, you are advertising ‘Cheap Tickets to London’, the landing page really needs to be consistent with your message, with all the key messages on the landing page corresponding to the ad. If it doesn’t match the promise made in the ad, the user will quite simply lose interest. After all, they arrived on your PPC landing page with a specific intention in mind so be sure to meet expectations.


Eye catching CTA

It’s a big no-no if the user has to scroll down to find what they are looking for once they hit the landing page. The key to a successful landing page is to answer the user’s query immediately, with a CTA above-the-fold, encouraging the user to click and close the deal. Are you asking them to subscribe to a newsletter? Be creative. Do they need to submit or purchase something? Be clever! Your PPC message has guided them this far, now give them GOOD reason to click.


Simple user friendly design is best

Yes, you should be creative but that doesn’t mean overdoing it. Remember that you don’t want your key messages or CTA to get lost, nor do you want to scare the user away. A user’s eye shouldn’t be bombarded with fussy visuals: keep things simple, streamlined and leave a strong impression in an understated fashion. Graphics need to be meaningful, not just look good. And remember to always be consistent with your brand image while also showing the visitor that you are trustworthy and professional.


Time matters!

There’s one key rule of thumb here: don’t keep your visitor waiting. If the page takes too long to load, you’ve lost them. And we’re talking about a matter of seconds. Read more about how to speed up your site here.


Optimize with keywords

We all know how important keywords are, and for your PPC landing page to yield high conversions from a search campaign, you must optimize it for SEO. In order to do so, make sure that your content contains the keywords that a person is likely to search for in order to find your ad. And do make sure that your copy is simple and convincing- it needs to communicate the value of what you’re offering without unnecessary waffle.


Reinforce credibility

Ease the mind of the visitor and make them trust you by conveying respectability. Add short testimonials, add products reviews if relevant, show who your key partners are, make customer support clearly visible, and make the user feel secure with trust badges (if relevant to your business).


Don’t forget about A/B testing

This is a great way of seeing what works best. Create an experiment through google analytics with two different PPC landing pages and split the traffic to see which one has the highest conversion rate. The one that yields a better conversion rate wins!   There are no two ways around it: landing page optimization is crucial to the success of any PPC campaign. You’ve worked hard to get paid traffic onto your page but don’t just leave it at that! In the fast paced online world, you don’t have long to tell your story, nor is it easy business convincing someone that your product or business is awesome. But if you do it right with your pay-per-click landing pages, you’ll be maximizing every cent paid for your PPC ad and encouraging visitors to take action with conversion rates worth celebrating.

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