Case Study: RPT Group

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Written by: Action Digital

Established in 1965, the privately-owned RPT Group has grown to encompass a diversified range of companies, offering services across five inter-connected industries: Maritime, Business, Travel, Property Development and Environment.   Keeping constantly abreast of developments in its fields of expertise, the Group is working towards a vision of Cyprus as a financial, shipping and energy hub for the Eastern Mediterranean, offering the highest quality of integrated services to both local and international companies and investors.   This year, its flagship company Lavar Shipping is celebrating its 50-year golden anniversary. Lavar is one of the very first shipping companies established in Cyprus that is playing a leading role in the evolution of the industry, and in strengthening Cyprus’ position as a shipping hub in the region.   Moreover, in recognition of the growing importance of the Eastern Mediterranean region in the energy field, the RPT Group has sought to meet a growing needs and demands of the industry. One of its companies VTS Vasiliko Terminal Services was established with the aim of providing top-quality services at the recently inaugurated oil terminal at Vasilikos. VTS provides pilotage, towage, mooring and sludge collection services, operating two tugboats – VTS AMMOCHOSTOS and VTS KYRENIA – unique both to Cyprus and the region.   Why choose us? The RPT Group has chosen Action Digital to modernise its brand and create a strong online presence. We have achieved this through rebranding and redesigning their key digital assets, starting from the core home page. Working with RPT’s graphic team in the redesign of their branding, Action Digital has also provided services in stakeholder and visitor research, user interface analysis, all-encompassing a dynamic full width website design. Are you ready to go digital? Contact us today!

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