Six Reasons why Email Marketing is the Most Powerful and Cost-Effective Solution

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Written by: Action Digital

How often do you check your email – once or twice a day, or countless times over the course of 24 hours? The point is most people do visit their inboxes every day which makes email marketing one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing solutions available, not only for reaching, attracting and maintaining customers; but also for promoting your brand, product and services to a ready audience of interested potential consumers. Want to know more? Here are six great reasons why your business should get on board with email marketing to add-value to your brand today. 1- Conversion Rates: Email marketing is proven to convert higher than any other type of marketing. By building and maintaining a relevant and legitimate contact list for your campaigns, email marketing can be one of the most efficient sales tools thanks to its proven ability to achieve better conversion rates than any other channel. 2- Brand Awareness: While dramatically increasing your ROI, when done correctly, with the right subject lines, content and logos, email marketing can act a reminder that your brand exists and is active in the market thus increasing your brand awareness by creating an instant connection with target markets. 3- Customer Relationships: Today consumers want to feel like they are part of a community and have a personal relationship with brands. Email marketing is an excellent tool to effectively build these strong customer relationships, allowing you to regularly engage directly and immediately with the people who matter most to your business. 4- Wide Reach: Let’s face it; almost everyone has email these days, so through email marketing you can reach up to 95% of your target audience. If your email appeals to the reader, that 95% will then forward the email to friends, family and colleagues. 5- Measurable Success: Instead of investing large amounts of money on a campaign which won’t allow you to measure opening, click-through and conversion rates, spending on email marketing allows you to see exactly how many sales each email generates, evaluate the success of the campaign and adjust future campaigns according to the results. 6- Highly Customisable: By making sure your email marketing list is relevant, you can customise your campaign to target specific recipient groups according to a range of variables such as age, gender, address or income. Want to experience the wealth of benefits to be gained from email marketing? Contact Action Digital’s team of experts today to set up your customised email marketing campaign.

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