What to Do With your Website Leads: A Step by Step Guide

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Written by: Zoe Christodoulides

So, you’ve obtained leads from your website, but now what? Smart marketers these days are realising that simply acquiring a lead really isn’t enough. What you should really be aiming for, is lead engagement. If you’re left wondering how to encourage customers to buy your products and services after they have browsed through your site, Action Digital is on hand with a few pointers.


1. Track your leads

Organisation is key when it comes to your leads and you need to keep track of their activity on your site. Which pages did visitors click on first? Where did they go next? How long did they stay there? The list goes on! Once you have all your lead information organised, your team will then be able to offer better customer service and begin to close deals.


2. Follow up & interact!

You’ve secured that lead, you’ve tracked it, but what do you do next? Simply create a series of emails (through your Marketing Automation System) if you have one, and invite everyone on the list to events or keep them updated on the latest company news. Inviting them to join a weekly newsletter is a great idea and a way for all those people who visited your website to remember you, receive regular news, and hopefully, visit again!


3. Give them something extra

There’s nothing quite like receiving an email with a coupon, voucher or discount. Encourage leads to make their first purchase with you (whether you are selling goods or services) by offering them a certain percentage off their first buy. Give them the chance to pre-order your product, or have a ‘sneak peek’ for something that hasn’t been officially announced yet. Your leads are special so treat them that way!


4. Re-marketing

Your website visitors, or indeed your leads, may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry, but once they’ve clicked on your site or created a certain action (pressing the sign-up button), you can use remarketing to position targeted ads to that specific audience while they are browsing elsewhere. Think of it as a little reminder, an extra little nudge, and hopefully, they’ll be back on your site looking for more.


5. Ask customers how they feel about your product

Yes, that’s right, people love to be asked about their opinions! Customers today want something that really engages them and that attracts their interest. Once you have their info and they are already a lead, contact them and send them a questionnaire about their experience with your product or service. Not only will you be showing that you value their opinion, but they are likely to become more loyal customers. What’s more, you’ll be gaining valuable insight into their preferences and needs.   Here at Action Digital we not only help you optimize your website to gain more leads, but we also help you get real value from them, which in turn will lead to more sales. Contact us now for a full proposal.

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