Why We Love Digital Marketing (And You Should Too!)

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Written by: Action Digital

Every minute of every day, people around the globe are consuming huge amounts of digital content, whether browsing Facebook, reading the headlines of their favourite electronic newspaper, or indulging in online shopping. With internet users increasing at phenomenal rates worldwide, on latest count in 2016, there were a recorded 2.21 billion more internet users than 2015, totalling a grand 3.5 billion users today. (www.statista.com). It goes without saying that most of us would be utterly lost without the internet or our smart phone by our side. But what repercussions does all this have on modern day business looking to grow in a fast paced consumer market? In short, if you want your businesses message to be heard loud and clear, you’ve got to make the most of digital technology to reap the benefits. It may be that your website needs to rank more highly in searches, you may need to increase your social media presence, or it might be beneficial to get on board with influencer marketing to create deeper brand affinity. Whatever the case, these days, consumers are increasingly connecting with brands through digital channels and you need to make the most of this trend to help your business grow. So what are the real benefits of digital marketing and why should you adapt your company’s marketing strategy to the digital age?


It immediately connects you to online & mobile consumers

These days, most people don’t have much time to spare, and they want super-fast access to information on the go and a quick search online will point them towards the product or service they are looking for. Digital marketing is your way to target mobile users as you maintain a dominant online presence.


Results are trackable, giving true insight into audience behaviour

If you use analytics to carefully analyse your digital marketing campaign, you’ll pin down customer/client preferences from the moment they visit your business site. Giving you true insight into audience behaviour, you can then moderate your offering (product or service) accordingly.


Flexibility every step of the way

With timely data available the moment you want it, digital marketing gives you the chance to make decisions fast, making it more versatile than traditional marketing methods. This means, you can adapt your digital marketing strategy on the go, based on real performance data.


It can save you money

Not everyone recognises that digital marketing is actually more affordable than traditional methods. A social media campaign, for example, can transmit the same message to customers as you would on a radio ad or newspaper, but for less money, and very likely, to a more targeted audience.


Wider reach by the day

Think of how many people pick up an actual newspaper these days compared to the number of people who will go online to read the latest headlines. And this is just one example. It’s no big secret that traditional marketing just doesn’t have the same audience as it used to and if you want to keep up with the times with business messages that will resonate near and far, you’ve got to target the right online channels.


Higher conversion rates, higher revenues, greater ROI

Digital marketing is all about reaching out to targeted audiences and generating leads from the interaction. And as you can test and optimise your website for conversion on an ongoing basis, you can generate more leads at a lower cost than a traditional marketing campaign. In turn, your revenue is likely to increase if the digital campaign is executed in the right way.


It will help you stand up to competition

This is pretty self-explanatory: if you up your digital marketing campaign, you’ll be standing strong against companies with a similar offering to your own, given that most modern day businesses are also upping their game by turning to comprehensive digital marketing strategies.


Real time customer service

With a digital marketing plan under your belt and revolutionary customer service channels to utilise in the online world, you’ll be able to offer customer service on the spot. In turn, your business will witness increased customer satisfaction and you’ll be creating greater brand affinity.

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