Lordos Beach Hotel

Already a dedicated client, the 4-star Lordos Beach Hotel in Cyprus’s Larnaca tourist hub, was seeking to redesign its old website as part of its overall rebranding. The client requested an inviting website, which is easy to navigate, showcasing pictures and videos from a recent photoshoot. Lordos Beach Hotel also wanted to ensure that booking for rooms and events is as easy for the visitor as possible.

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Aiming to wow first time visitors, Action Digital decided to feature a video that autoplays once the user lands on the page, and takes up most of the page once the visitor lands, leaving adequate space on the top of the page for the company logo, sitemap and relevant information. Additionally, a booking pop up is made immediately visible so visitors know exactly where to click if they wish to book a room. In line with recent trends in web development, data indicates that visitors are discouraged by a large number of pages and would rather scroll through a single page. As such, Action Digital also decided to improve the user interface by making the website longer instead of adding more pages

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